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South Carolina High School Diploma students are required to pass 24 units of coursework which meets graduation requirements.  It is highly recommended that each student attend an onsite computer lab or be enrolled to complete the online course where they have personal computer access.  There is a minimum of 60 hours of online coursework per 1 full credit and 30 hours per ½ credit.

Criteria for Enrollment

Each student’s transcript must be evaluated. A determination will be made regarding an estimated time frame for said student to obtain the necessary credits to earn his/her diploma.

Unit Requirements

English/Language Arts–4



US History/Constitution-1


US Government-1/2

Other Social Studies-1/2

Computer Science-1

Electives- 9

Courses that Require an End-of-Course Assessment Exam

Algebra I/Intermediate Algebra

English I


US History and Constitution

This exam can only be given during the state testing window (three times per year).  Students must finish the course prior to taking the exam.  All other courses require a proctored final examination.