ESOL Volunteer Tutor Training

Volunteer Tutor Training for ESOL

There are two options for being trained to tutor adults with BCSD Adult Education: online tutor training and face-to-face training offered a few times a year. To get started, please attend a Volunteer Tutor Information session or schedule an appointment with ESLCoordinator, Marie Lewis. She can provide you with orientation materials, a copy of the tutor training textbook, I Speak English, and information about face-to-face training. 

 To begin online training: After reading I Speak English, please watch the videos listed below. These videos will give you a good start in working with adult English language learners. 

This video shows you how teach simple commands (stand up, sit down, etc.) to beginning learners:
Total Physical Response for English Language Learners

These videos demonstrate how to teach vocabulary:
Teaching Vocabulary in ESL Part 1 (Understanding the Words)
Teaching Vocabulary in ESL: Part 2 (Using the Words)

Other Teaching Techniques:
Teaching ESL with Pictures
Dialogs into Role Play, Part 1
Dialogs into Role Play, Part 2
The Language Experience Approach for ESL Reading: Part 2 (Small Group)

Please note: 
Sometimes potential tutors are overwhelmed by watching these videos and reading the text I Speak English. Teaching adults to speak and understand English is a big task, but the staff at Adult Education is committed to supporting volunteer tutors in every way! The Adult Education ESL program provides curriculum for the tutors and students, but it's invaluable to see how to teach ESL with everyday objects and good techniques.

After reading I Speak English, and watching these videos, please contact Juanita Murrell at 843-322-0781 or Juanita.Murrell@Beaufort.K12.SC.US for the next steps in your online training.