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Welcome to Beaufort County Adult Education

Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop career pathways by providing support and resources for learners to achieve their educational and employment goals. Our Vision is to empower learners to achieve success in a diverse global society. 

Proud to Serve the Adult Ed Comunity of Beaufort County

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Success Stories

Adult Ed GED completer Garrett Rountree stopped by to say hello recently. He is now employed as a firefighter-just one of the awesome careers you can have with a GED!

Adult Ed Graduate Garrett Roundtree

Student Handbook

Educating. Empowering. Employing.

Our handbook offers our guidelines for a safe and orderly learning environment.


Who We Are

We strive to help students reach their full potential in every day. LEARN MORE about our students.


Graduation Ceremony for Adult Education

Now is the best time to enroll in a diploma or certificate program at Adult Ed.


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Virtual Calming Room

We all need a place to go when we need to relax. Visit the Virtual Calming Room and watch live animal cams, play games or learn a new yoga pose.

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